conditions--draMany women are concerned that they will not regain their waistline after pregnancy. Sometimes, the right and left abdominal wall separates during pregnancy. This is called a diastasis rectus abdominus. You might notice a bulge down the centre of your abdominals when you move or that you can sink your fingers into the space between your abdominals across the midline of your tummy. When your abdominals are stretched and separated, they are no longer able to adequately stabilize your low back and pelvis. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding a diastasis. It is possible to do abdominal exercises, BUT they need to be done in a way that draws the separation together and back, rather than apart and bulging. At Dayan Physiotherapy, we will do a comprehensive assessment and use real-time ultrasound to determine an individualized treatment program for your specific needs, helping you flatten your tummy and regain stability of your low back and pelvis.