conditions--pubic-symphysis-dysfunctionDuring pregnancy and after delivery some women experience pain at their pubic bone or groin. The amount of pain can very, but it can often be excruciating and difficult to manage. Activities that put weight on one leg more than the other, such as climbing stairs, putting on pants while standing, standing on one leg, lifting, getting out of the car or rolling are some of the common concerns. At Dayan Physiotherapy, we will do a comprehensive assessment to determine the muscular and joint components of your condition, teach you movement strategies to decrease pain and use real time ultrasound to determine an individualized treatment program that addresses both your pelvic floor and transversus abdominus (deep abdominal muscles) to help you stabilize your symphysis pubis (pubic bones). If you have not yet delivered your baby, we will review strategies to protect your symphysis during labour and delivery.