I have been in pain for many years and kept getting the same answers. For 3 years I have been in and out of Massage, Chiro, Acupuncture. Within 4 sessions with Marcy Dayan I am doing much better. From a 5 to a 2.

Marcy has simplified it and made me go to the basics. It is making sense now and now I can see what I am doing incorrectly. I highly recommend Marcy and her team.

Its hard to find people that are really good at their job. Marcy does a great job and understand the human body well.

Thanks again,
Matt H.

I had an excellent experience working with Marcy Dayan and her team. They were very organized and on time. The receptionist was always helpful, friendly and professional. Scheduling was easy and I received e-mail reminders about my appointments. Marcy was knowledgeable and helped me get over vaginal pain. She gave me hope that I could overcome it, taught me the skills necessary to do so and showed me concretely that I was making improvement. She is nothing short of a miracle worker! She has literally changed my life. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, she can guide you to manage your pain and perhaps even overcome it entirely. I highly recommend this clinic.

Jane Dubois